Frequently asked questions

Boarding point and what is the boarding procedure ?

The Boarding point is Chopdem Jetty, Chapora River. We have a special motorboat that brings you on board from the river banks.

Are children and elderly people allowed on board?

From infants to the elderly people, we welcome everyone - everyone loves to have fun !!! We have a team trained with safety measures and provide with life jackets on board.

Is there a toilet on board?

We have a fully equipped modern loo on board.

What sort of clothing is advisable for the cruise?

Swimming Clothes, T-shirts, polo-shirts, blouses and dress-shirts. Shoes: We kindly ask you to only wear anti-skid sports- and boat shoes on board. In addition bring a pair of flip-flops or sandals for visits to the beach.

How to book a cruise?

We are just a call away, our representatives will guide you through the process of booking.

What are the cancellation policy?

CANCELLATION POLICY: 50% refund 7 days before cruising, except 5% Cancellation fee.